This website serves as an oddly specific archive for zero player video games, most being made in the Puzzlescript engine. The reason I chose Puzzlescript is because of its simple rule system that is perfect for cellular automations.

Currently all of the games are created by me, Siddikinz. I make other things sometimes but I really like making zero player games right now.

I find the games to be very entertaining the same way watching ants or some other bug go about their day is. I find myself cheering on the little fellas one second, and cursing them for their blind stupidity the next.

It's surprising how "alive" the creatures in most of the modes can seem considering the AI is pseudorandom. Don't tap the Glass is much different in that the characters do not have any "randomness" at all.

That makes their interactions even more fascinating because you know it's a bunch of cells working together to do things no single cell could do alone, instead of little guys mindlessly prancing about.

It is obvious that Don't tap the Glass 1 and 2 are heavily inspired by John Conway's famous Game of Life.

I would like to use this about section to also provide links to other zero player related content.

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